Boom Crash Opera

Boom Crash Opera is an Australian rock band, big in the mid ‘80s to the mid ‘90s and still writing and performing. The band grew out of the fertile post-punk scene in Melbourne and blended an artful edge with canny commercial smarts. Their first single, Great Wall was a top 10 hit. This lead to a heady period where they recorded in London and LA with internationally renowned producers like Alex Sadkin (Bob Marley and Talking Heads), Pete Smith (Sting), Jimmy Iovine (Bruce Springsteen, U2), Don Gehman (John Mellancamp) and Keith Forsey (Billy Idol). They toured incessantly and were well known for their intense and boisterous stage show that blended high energy, serious intent and good humour. Songs like Onionskin, The Best Thing, Hands Up In The Air and Dancing In The Storm became radio anthems that are still heard to this day. After three ‘big sounding’ albums they took a left turn and produced the critically acclaimed experimental pop album Born. BCO gradually wound down operations in the mid ‘90s reconvening sporadically for rare live appearances. While members continue to work in music, film and TV, theatre, multi-media and related industries they have, in recent years, reformed, playing large festivals and pub shows, and recording new material. In 2013 they released a boxed set that contained their first three albums plus a cd of unreleased material. In early 2015 they played to over 60,000 people, firstly on outdoor festivals and then in entertainment centres with Swedish band, Roxette.