MONDO ROCK announce limited edition vinyl & CD release of ‘Summer of ’81 (Mondo Rock Live at the Pier)’

  • Mondo Rock’s first-ever live album to be made available on vinyl and CD, following its digital release in May
  • The vinyl pressing of the album is on translucent red and translucent purple vinyl, and is strictly limited to 300 copies. 
  • Summer Of ’81 (Mondo Rock Live At The Pier) features the classic Mondo Rock line up: Ross Wilson, Eric McCusker, James Black, Paul Christie, J.J. Hackett
  • Features all the hits performed live, including ‘State Of The Heart’, ‘Cool World’, ‘Chemistry’, and ‘Summer Of ‘81’
  • To be released August 28, and available to pre-order now

Bloodlines is proud to announce a very special release: Summer Of ’81 – Mondo Rock Live At The Pier, to be released on 28 August on double vinyl and CD. The double vinyl will be pressed on coloured vinyl, with one translucent red disc, and one translucent purple disc. The album was released digitally in May.

Summer Of ’81 was recorded at Frankston’s Pier Hotel in 1981. The show was originally broadcast live by the then new EON FM, which was Australia’s first commercial FM station. Summer Of ’81 features all the hits from Mondo Rock’s highest-selling album Chemistry, which was released later that year, including ‘State Of The Heart’, ‘Cool World’, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Summer of ’81’, as well as the band’s debut single, ‘The Fugitive Kind’, and ‘We’re No Angels’. The album also includes a Mondo Rock rarity that never appeared on a studio album – ‘Slice of Life’.

Manufactured in Australia, the vinyl was mastered by Martin Pullan and overseen by Mondo Rock’s Ross Wilson. 

Summer Of ’81 (Mondo Rock Live At The Pier) is Mondo Rock’s first-ever live album. The album is dedicated to Mondo Rock drummer John James Hackett, who died last year. 

“It’s only taken us 39 years to release this album but we’re very proud of it,” Ross Wilson says. “This was an incredibly exciting period for Mondo Rock. We were hot and hungry, and you can hear it on this album. We haven’t had one of our new releases released on vinyl for 30 years,” Ross adds, “so we’re all super excited.”

Ross Wilson is an Ambassador for Record Store Day 2020, and Summer Of ’81 will be released in time for Record Store Day on August 29. 

“In my youth, I became a dedicated vinyl hound,” Ross Wilson smiles. “Once you start, it’s hard to give it up. To wonder at the awesomeness of a needle in a microgroove that somehow becomes full spectrum sound – it is magic.”

Summer Of ’81 (Mondo Rock Live At The Pier)
Mondo Rock

CD and vinyl out 28 August 2020 through Bloodlines
Digital out now
Pre-order and purchase here

Summer Of ’81 (Mondo Rock Live At The Pier) tracklisting:
1. Moves
2. Mona Lisa (She Smiles)
3. Tied Up In Knots
4. We’re No Angels
5. Chemistry
6. Summer Of ’81
7. The Fugitive Kind
8. The Popular View
9. State Of The Heart
10. Cool World
11. Slice of Life
12. Mondo Sexo
13. Searching For My Baby
14. Step Up, Step Out
15. Living In The Land Of Oz